Essential Biotechnology Overview                 anti CRR9

At Essential Biotechnology, we’re using a tried and true therapeutic modality in human monoclonal antibody inhibitors, but are completely redefining the mechanism by which we will attack cancer. Instead of targeting the factors that drive the growth of tumors, which is easily circumvented by tumor evolution, we are going after a tumor survival and chemoresistance mechanism that is critical regardless of what drives the cancer.

And because this mechanism allows tumor survival under cellular and chemotherapeutic stress through multiple molecular pathways, the development of resistance against it is much less likely.

Essential Biotechnology LLC is striking at the heart of cancer with new antibody therapy that hits not only a new target, but the right target. With our discovery of the existence of Cisplatin Related Protein-9 (CRR9) specifically on the surface of tumor cells, Essential Biotechnology LLC has developed monoclonal antibody inhibitors of CRR9 (ESS102) with which we have shown striking pre-clinical anti-tumorigenic effects and resensitization to chemotherapy. The emerging understanding of cancer cells’ requirement for CRR9 for survival of cellular stress has revealed a vulnerability and a rare opportunity for more effective targeted therapy.

We have a lean and focused clinical development plan for ESS102, driven by over 45 years of experience in industry and clinical development. Recurrent ovarian cancer is our initial target for clinical trials given our ability to resensitize ovarian tumor cells to platinum-based chemotherapy and because we can quickly and cleanly establish both safety and proof of concept in early trials with intermediate efficacy markers of routine CT scans and serum CA-125. This technology promises to be highly effective in a variety of cancers.