Essential Biotechnology has a new approach to cancer therapy. It’s time to learn from the failures of the targeted molecular therapies of the past and go for the jugular. Existing targeted therapies typically slow the growth of tumors by inhibition of a particular signaling pathway in tumor cells. Our therapeutic agents take away the very ability of tumor cells to survive by inhibition of multiple pathways, making them more effective, and less likely to have resistance developed against it. With toxic chemotherapy, small populations of tumor cells survive to regrow and ultimately cause mortality. We have found a way to target and kill “the ones that got away” – tumor cell populations that are able to evade treatment and drive new tumor formation and spread. We can RESENSITIZE resistant tumor cells to therapy with these targeted agents.

The Target: We have discovered the existence of a molecule on the surface of tumor cells, CRR9, that serves as a nexus in regulating tumor cell survival through multiple pathways- allowing the tumor cells to survive the stresses of their environment and chemotherapies. This protein appears specifically on the surface of tumor cells in response to chronic cellular stress that tumor cells must evolve to survive, and in response to therapeutic insult. Essential Biotechnology has developed monoclonal antibodies that target this nexus and kill cancer cells by making them sensitive to stress once again. Preclinical work has shown that this approach to be highly effective, even on traditionally “undruggable” Ras-driven cancers.

Ovarian, lung and pancreatic cancers represent multi-billion dollar clinical problems with no adequate solutions. This is a first-in-class drug target with a novel mechanism of action that works in concert with existing drugs. We are seeking investment and industry partners to help us bring these new antibodies into the clinic.

essential biotechnology CRR9

Anti-CRR9 therapy is different than existing targeted therapies. It kills tumor cells through multiple molecular pathways rather than curbing tumor grow by inhibiting only one pathway. 

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